I am not sure about the higher doses
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You don’t have to choose the higher doses of Cialis, when you can get just as much effect from a lower dose. There is Cialis 20mg for those, who don’t want to burden themselves and their purses. Now this drug is also an answer to those who cannot uses the higher doses due to old age or other diseases. A man should be able to enjoy sex in every age and manufacturers are coming forth with new ideas and new products to suit every need of a customer, no matter the age or health.

You should always be aware

The smaller dose can be a little bit tricky, since you won’t be as “cautious and perceptive” as with the higher doses. Never forget that even if its just 20mg, its still the very same compound and type of drug, meaning it is still incompatible with nitrates, heart disease medicaments and blood pressure medicaments. By smaller dose, you do not lower the risk of negative effects nor you do not exclude more serious effects that may be caused by mixing the Cialis with other medicaments. You should always consult your doctor before using this drug.

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